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Code Name Price Availability  
12CBY Comfort Reading Pillow Cover Burgundy $15.00 In Stock
12CFNL Comfort Reading Pillow Cover Flannel $15.00 In Stock
12CFG Comfort Reading Pillow Cover Green $15.00 In Stock
12CLB Comfort Reading Pillow Cover Blue $15.00 In Stock
12CNL Comfort Reading Pillow Cover Natural $15.00 In Stock
12CWE Comfort Reading Pillow Cover White $15.00 In Stock
12P Comfort Reading Pillow $36.00 In Stock
13P Maternity Pillow $49.00  
14SHP Hemp Shower Curtain $99.00 In Stock
14S Cotton Shower Curtain $27.95 In Stock
150P Wheat Dreamz buckwheat pillow $40.00 In Stock
154PS Eco-Basics Pillow $20.00 In Stock
254 Meditation Bench foldable Bamboo $54.00 Backordered
44 Yoga Foam Block $10.00 In Stock
46 Yoga Strap $7.00 In Stock
61 Neck Roll $36.00 In Stock
182 Pet Bed $60.00 In Stock
30SM Yoga Mat (68" x 24" 1/8") $15.95  
30ZCTK Sitting Mountain Chair Yoga $29.95  
321 Yoga Mat Bag Cotton $22.50  
331MNL Yoga Mat Natural Cotton $79.95 In Stock
341M Shiatsu Thai Massage Mat $140.00  
361MNL Floor Mat $150.00 In Stock
400 Yoga Bolster - Cotton Round $49.00 In Stock
401 Yoga Bolster Rectangle - Cotton $49.95 In Stock
402 Pranayama Cushion $35.00 In Stock
47S Sand Bag $15.00 In Stock
9C2101 Pilates Core Board $19.99  
9C2820 Yoga Balls $15.95  
9C5001 Iso System $24.95  
9C5005 Iso Ball Set $14.99  
9C2102 Pilates Core Board Pro $24.95  
60L All Eyes Pillow (5.5"x10") $20.00 In Stock
641 Whale Therapeutic Back Bench $399.00 Backordered
7ZBHP Hemp Bean Bag Chair $199.00  
Beginners Yoga for Beginners $0.00  
7ZFBWF Organic Buckwheat Hulls from USA (5lbs) $30.00  
7CBCSMCO Comfy Bean Chair - Cotton, Velour, or Hemp $90.00  
7CBCSMVL Small Comfy Chair - Vinyl $69.95 In Stock
7ORE Bean Bag Rectangle Ottoman $99.00 In Stock
EBNRQ Eco-Basics Pillow (Queen Size) $25.00 In Stock
Everybody Yoga For Every Body $13.00  
25C Meditation Bench Cushion $18.00  
FCCHNL Organic Club Chair in Hemp $2,500.00 In Stock
FCCTM Tierra Moderno Chairs $2,500.00  
V17562 Leisa Hart's Fit Mama Prenatal workout video $0.00  
V17852 Fit Mama Postnatal $0.00  
7ZFF Shredded Foam Fill $20.00  
HBK Bella Terra Bed Frame $0.00  
7OC Bean Bag Cube Ottomans $75.00 In Stock
7CBCLSCO X-Large Comfy Loveseat - Cotton, Velour or Hemp $270.00  
157 Natural Latex Pillow $50.00  
LSEAT Organic Hemp Club Loveseat $3,300.00  
7CBCLR Large Comfy Lounger - Cotton, Hemp, Velour $170.00  
7CBCLRVL Large Comfy Lounger - Vinyl $99.95  
V07823 On the Ball Pilates $10.00  
7ZF Extra Bean Bag Filling $0.00 In Stock
V53009 Pilates Complete for Everyone $13.00  
Power Pure Power $0.00  
PReader Comfort Reader Pillow $0.00  
readerc Reader Cover $15.00  
ring Deluxe Pilates Ring $22.95  
ROH Bean Bag Ottoman - Hemp Rectangle $135.00 In Stock
10C Adult Sleeping Bean Cover $24.00  
SOFA Organic Club Sofa in Hemp Fabric $5,200.00  
Sweat Pure Sweat $0.00  
7BBCCO The Big Bean chair in Cotton, Denim, or Hemp $129.00  
11C Teen Bean Covers $20.00  
Tranquility Pure Tranquility $0.00  
V07913 Hemalaya Behl's Yoga for Urban Living Morning Quickie $10.00  
V51009 Yoga for Everybody $19.98  
Weightloss Pilates Complete for Weight Loss $19.98  
WEIGHTLOSS1 Yoga for Weightloss $19.98  
44-2 Yoga Foam Block 2 Pack $15.95 In Stock
322 Yoga Duffel $25.00  
30MM Deluxe Yoga Mat (72" x 24" 1/4") $19.95 In Stock
Yoga2 Power Yoga for Every Body $19.98  
Yoga4 Yoga Videos 4 Set $39.95  
241 Zabuton $32.00 In Stock
241C Zabuton Cover $20.00 In Stock
7ZFPOLY Extra Poly Fiber Fill 2.5 lb. $15.95  
7ZFKAPOK Extra Kapok Fill $29.95  
C-8NS-CPJC Juice Clock **OUT OF STOCK** $45.00  
LMP-GF Dust Mite Proof Mattress Pad $0.00  
30LP Lollipop Yoga Mats $28.00  
31ym Yoga Mat Cleaner $9.99  
7BBL Big Bean Lounger, Foam filled Beanbag Chair in Cotton or Hemp $159.00  
31H Jade Harmony Rubber Yoga Mat $59.95  
7BBS Big Bean Sofa $299.00  
V56009 Yoga Complete for Weight Loss DVD $13.00  
V51509 Yoga for Athletes DVD $13.00  
V57009DVD Sacred Yoga Practice Vinyasa Flow (3 DVD set) $24.95  
154P Organic Kapok Pillow $49.00  
LT Natural Latex Mattress Toppers 2" thick $169.00  
7PB Poco Bean $39.00  
7PP Premium Poco Beans $49.00  
14PHP Hemp Bath Pillow $20.00  
8W18PFka18x18 Kapok 18"x18" 205 thread count extra firm inserts $25.00  
323 Basic Yoga Mat Bag Nylon $11.95  
8W18PFrec205 Recycled Polyfiber Pillow Insert 18x18 natural cotton ticking $20.00  
35TMK Thai Massage Mat (organic) Travel Kit $299.00  
7PM Poco Medio Foam Filled Bean Bag Chairs $79.95  
7PG Poco Grande Foam Filled Bean Bag Chairs $109.95  
14SOC Organic Cotton Shower Curtains (8 Colors) $99.00  
403 Organic Yoga Bolster Round $55.00  
404 Organic Yoga Bolster Rectangular $55.00  
241M Natural Zabuton with optional cover (add $15.00 for organic) $32.00  
21OC Organic Zafu Round Buckwheat Hull Filled $50.00  
23OC Organic Cotton Zafu Crescent $50.00  
321OC Organic Cotton Yoga Mat Bag $25.00  
10POV Sleeping Bean Body Pillow Organic Kapok $72.00  
10COC Organic Sleeping Bean Body Pillow Covers $48.00  
11COC Organic Teen Bean Body Pillow Covers $40.00  
321HP Hemp Mat Bag (Black or Natural) $25.00  
331MOC Organic Cotton Yoga Mat $179.00  
150POC Organic Buckwheat Hull Wheat Dreamz Pillow $50.00  
30YTM Yoga Towel, microfiber with waffle weave $11.95  
30SK Kid's Yoga Mat - Non Toxic (60" x 24" x 1/8") $14.95  
EXTERNAL Catalog Item $0.00  
20D Zafu Round Modern, Cotton & Buckwheat $39.95  
43Q2 EVA Yoga Block 2 - Pack $13.95  
242D Modern Zabuton Cushions Made In USA $39.99  
401D Rectangle Bolsters $39.95  
test Test Sale $0.01  
30HW Hand Weights - Neoprene Coated $11.95  
30FRPE Yoga Fitness Polyethylene Foam Roller $13.00  
30FREVA Bumps Foam Roller High Density EVA Foam Roller 6 inch Diameter - 6 Sizes $9.95  
43CNL Cork Yoga Blocks $13.45  
CNL Yoga Monster Cork Yoga Blocks 4 in x 6 x 9 , 3 inch x 6 x 9 Single or 2 block saver pack by Bean Pro $13.45  
7ZFFOL Organic Shredded Latex Foam Rubber $15.95  
SLING Bean Yoga Mat Sling Harness $7.95  
7SP Storage Bean Bag Chair $119.00  
10P Adult Sleeping Bean Body Pillow (5.5 feet) $49.00  
341C Shiatsu Massate Mat Cover Only $85.00  
30P Pro Eco Mat - Premium Yoga/Pilates Mat $59.95  
11P Teen Been Sleeping Bean Body Pillow (4.5 feet) $39.00  
DCZ Embroidered Zafus $49.95  
3GB Bean Products Burst-Resistant Exercise Balls $19.95  
3WB Bean Products Weighted Balls $13.00  
243D Zabuton Meditation Cushion - Extra Large $49.95  
321XH Extra Large Hemp Mat Bags $49.95  
Consignment Item Consigned Non-Inventory Part Item Description $0.00  
Non-inventory Item Non-inventory part item description $0.00  
ACPA Art Canvas Pranayama $249.99  
ACKD Art Canvas King Dancer (Natarajasana) $249.99  
ACPM Art Canvas Pincha Mayurasana Scorpion $249.99  
ELIH Art Canvas Eagle Legs in Headstand $249.99  
HDSN Art Canvas Handstand Scorpion $249.99  
FMSN Art Canvas Forearm Scorpion $249.99  
KPRA Kind Pigeon (Rajakapotasana) $249.99  
MADA Meditation (Dhyana) $249.99  
ACBD Art Canvas Backbend $249.99  
RASA Rasa $249.99  
ACCW Art Canvas Crow $249.99  
ACKP Art Canvas King Pigeon (Rajakapotasana) $249.99  
ACMN Art Canvas Meditation (Dhyana) $249.99  
ACOH Art Canvas Open Your Heart Chakra $249.99  
ACRA Art Canvas Rasa $249.99  
MANDALA Mandalas $249.99  

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